Chris Isaacs race cars

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CIRC sells a number of laser-cut brackets made to our own design.  We can also fabricate your new 4-link kit, A-arm kit, and any other assembly you require, including complete double-wishbone suspension units using proprietary uprights, or our own designed and fabricated uprights for maximum geometry control.


An example of a CIRC custom designed and fabricated double wishbone front suspension assembly, using our own uprights as shown on the right.  This system is destined to live under a smallblock Chevy powered street/track day Mk 2 Cortina being built by its owner with support from CIRC.


Universal rear coil-over
axle bracket assembly.

Universal 4-link axle bracket, availabe either with or without damper mount.

Universal mounting tab, 1/2" hole, 5mm thick mild steel.



CIRC pioneered this aluminium Pop front splitter, and we have made and fitted more than a dozen to various pro-street and race cars over the years.  Proven time and again to add vital stability to these cars, they create a high-pressure zone above the splitter and prevent air from being scooped under the car, a problem when Pops and Anglias get up over 150mph.  This example was made for Outlaw Anglia racer Rob Stone.